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You Are

  • An influencer or industry expert

    seeking to organise your research and leverage your expertise to grow your business.

  • A consulting firm or an integrator

    seeking to empower your clients by delivering high value added knowledge curation services.

  • A community of practice

    seeking to inform and connect your members and ignite new collaboration opportunities.

  • A business or a corporation

    seeking to educate, engage & enable your employees through a social knowledge database.



Improved productivity & decision making

Capitalize on your team’s research, share information and ideas faster, eliminate duplicatedwork, reduce emails, build your decisions collaboratively and keep everyone on the same page.

With Stample we have doubled our productivity: we now produce trend reports in 4 weeks instead of 2 months!

Virginie Lalanne, Sopra Steria


Stronger customer relationships

Easily share strategic content with clients and partners in a visual and user-friendly interface. Get instant feedback and detect weak signals. Keep in touch on major subjects.

Stample is very easy to use, and it allows us the engage the teams of managers we are coaching in ways we couldn't achieve before.

Gilles Dufour, Be&Lead


Collaborative research & community engagement

Store, organize and contextualize all your business knowledge in one place, find the right information at the right time, and keep your community in touch with your work.

Stample allowed us to create very efficient internal workgroups, engage the experts we work with and publish to a large community.

Alexandre Grassigny, La Fabrique de la cité


Content marketing & lead generation

Show your expertise through public interactive libraries, create paid-access knowledge bases and generate new leads and revenue. Improve your brand image and engage your audience.

As a consulting firm, we use Stample with all our clients. Our public libraries also help us generate new business opportunities.

Sacha Roger, Prodding

How it works

Create a team

In Stample, the best way to start is to create a team and invite your coworkers.

Build your libraries

Inside the team, every member can create libraries, focusing on topics or projects.

Control how they're shared

Each library can be shared with the whole team or with specific members, and you can give different rights to each person (read, write, manage)

Save content

Inside libraries, you can add any kind of digital content. Web articles and bookmarks can be saved in seconds with our browser extension.

Avoid duplication

You'll be notified right away if a page has already been saved by someone in your network.

Automatic & manual tagging

Articles are automatically tagged based on their content, and you can also add your own.

Use folders when needed

You can group your content in folders for more clarity.

Write notes

You can write your own notes in stample. Great for brainstorming or working on deliverables.

Drag & drop upload

Finally, you can upload any file type through a simple drag & drop.

Preview attachments

With most usual file types, we'll automatically create a preview so you can see the content at a glance.

Read comfortably

When you want to read a piece of content, you can zoom to view it comfortably & without ads.

Add contextual information

Add key insights, highlights and annotations that will be shared with everyone in the library.

Set up reminders

If you don't have time to read a stample right away, or if it's related to a task, you can set a reminder.

And never forget anything

It will pop up in your notifications on the right day.

Add comments & mentions

If you need someone's opinion on a stample, you can mention them in the comments section.

To keep your coworkers informed

They will get notified right away in the notifications list, by email and in a push notification on their mobile.

Install our mobile app

Yes, of course, we have a great mobile app for iOS, Android & Windows devices.

Chat one-on-one or in team

And a powerful chat, which you can use for direct conversations as well as group conversations.

Review your timeline

To review everything that's happened in your libraries, just head over to your timeline.

Check the weekly report

Alternatively, you could wait until the end of the week to review the full report automatically sent to your mailbox.

Search for anything

Instantly find a person, a team, a library, a folder or a stample using keywords or #tags.

Publish your libraries

You can decide to make a library public. It will be accessible outside stample, shareable on social networks.

Gain followers

and listed in the discovery tab in Stample, where other users will be able to subscribe or ask to contribute.

Empower your team & clients

Altogether, Stample is by far the most intuitive way to organise knowledge and empower your team and your clients.

Commercial offering


If you like to do things on your own, you can simply create an account now and invite your team members to test-drive Stample. You're welcome to call us anytime if you need guidance.


The success of a knowledge management project has a lot to do with implementing the right kind of architecture right from the start. We can help onboard your team and ensure the success of your project.

Custom development

We believe in mission-driven rather than feature-driven approaches. If your business workflow requires custom interfaces, or if you want to accelerate the development of some of the features on our roadmap, we're listening.

An investment in knowledge always pays
the best interest

Benjamin Franklin